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Satellite data: A New Perspective on the Globe

GlobeEye™ provides a new, unique and complete perspective on global economic, environmental and social developments. Leveraging the latest technology in satellite images, deep learning and big data we provide valuable business insights.

Thanks to GlobeEye's analysis of satellite information, you can now track in real time how many retail customers are visiting malls, if cities are growing or shrinking, how infrastructure projects are progressing, how healthy shipping activity is and how climate change is affecting the globe.

You can immediately see with your eyes information was previously only reported as delayed data, or was indeed never measured.


From Images to Business Insights

Translating satellite images from raw pixels into actionable business insights involves a highly complex set of frontier analytical steps that require the use of the technological frontier in deep learning, image recognition, big data and economic and business analysis.

Our proprietary software, algorithms and processes do just that.


Take better informed decisions, faster

GlobeEye™ provides you with insights that will put you light years ahead of the competition in business and investment decisions, whether you are interested in specific sectors or broader developments.

Take advantage of space-procured data and the latest computing technologies to take more informed decisions, faster.

The coming Space Data Revolution

A trillion Dollar Market....

The market for space-procured business data will grow  exponentially in the next ten years. 

...at its Inception

The number of new satellites sent into space has doubled since 2016. The availability of satellite data is increasing at a huge speed and its price is falling rapidly. This is happening along fast increases in data storage capacity and computing power. 

The 'Uber' moment for satellite images

As the quantity and quality of available satellite imagery increases, the real value will accrue to those that are able to actually use, interpret, and analyse that data, 

We provide you with the opportunity to leverage that information to gain competitive advantages in investment and business.

Our Commitment

Strong, Proven Expertise


We bring you decades of business and academic experience in the financial, business, public and academic sectors across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

A Unique Mix of Skills


The unusual combination of deep learning, big data, astrophysics, image recognition, business and financial skills means that we are uniquely positioned to distill the best insights for your business decisions from very complex information.

Frontier Knowledge at Your Service


We provide you with the very best solutions that science and research have to offer, while adapting our offer to  the needs of business and investment decisions, with awareness of both business dynamics and the cultural and socioeconomics context .

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GlobeEye™ - Advanced Data and Insights

Job Opportunities

GlobeEye has opportunities for data scientists, software developers, and business analysts. We require degrees from leading universities and/or proven experience and results.

We are also interested in spontaneous applications for profiles that fit with our business model.

We are an equal opportunities employer